Fund Raise Advisory

Qualicentric offers Fundraising Advisory to all industries across the full range of private equity to debt financing. We make sure that our clients achieve the next growth milestone. The services rendered include- Private Equity Financing, Venture Capital Fund Raise, Early Stage Fund Raise, and Debt Financing.

Financial Due Diligence

The process of confirming and verifying

company financials that are brought up

during M&A. The purpose is to identify

potential defects in the deal and take rational

business decision.


Valuation is a quantitative process of

determining the fair value of an asset

or a firm.

Business Modeling

Business model refers to a company’s

plan for making a profit.

Lead Advisory Support

Lead Advisory is an independent division

of Lead Angels, with a focus on growth capital.

Data Room Management

A data room is a place to store confidential

business documents.

Buyer / Target Identification

Target market identification is the process of

selecting the groups of customers to focus on in

a firm’s marketing mix.

Target Company Profiling

To understand those potential customers,

you can create a target audience profile.

Investor Relations

The investor relations (IR) department is

a division of a business, usually a public

company, whose job it is to provide investors

with an accurate account of company affairs.

Corporate Restructuring

Corporate restructuring is an action taken

by the corporate entity to modify its capital

structure or its operations significantly.

Proforma Financial Statements

Financial reports issued by an entity, using

assumptions or hypothetical conditions about

events that may have occurred in the past or

which may occur in the future.

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